Services - Workplace Investigations

The challenge in balancing workplace dynamics within the modern office environment is made increasingly more difficult when employee behaviours go outside what is considered appropriate. Such matters can often be multi-layered and extremely complex to deal with and may be impacted on by the personalities and cultures within the workplace. Because of this and in order to maintain a degree of impartiality , many organisations have found great benefits in outsourcing workplace investigations.

SHDC Workplace Solutions has a dedicated service assisting organisations in the area of workplace investigations.

SHDC offers the highest level of professionalism and experience and maintains a strict quality control system with all investigation reports being subjected to rigorous internal peer review prior to finalisation to ensure the highest standard is maintained.

SHDC Workplace Investigations includes a range of services such as:

  • Investigation of discipline and Code of Conduct matters;
  • Investigation of underperformance, grievances and harassment issues;
  • Provision of strategic advice, coaching and mentoring on cases to those managing the cases;
  • Provision of training and briefings to managers/supervisors on performance management issues;
  • Assessment of cases and options for successful resolutions;
  • Provision of conciliation and mediation services; and
  • Advice in relation to the drafting of management decisions to meet legislative and other requirements.

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